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Our professional tipsters produce quality betting tips with an impressive 85% win ratio. With our tips you can make a second income doing something you love.

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Be part of our closed community with all year round fun, where we discuss future bets, share banter and win together.

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Publish between 400 tips per month (12-18 per day) across premium football and horse groups.

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Create an additional income from our regular tips. We don’t gamble, we simply capitalise on opportunities with a winning strategy.

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Our Monthly Average Performance across all our Tips

Wicked community and daily tips that work, look forward to the in-plays and coming back from work and making a bit more money each day Jack

The Group trumps again, I’m winning more and feel more confident just by being part of this community and bouncing around ideas Darren R

You are by far the best tipster not that I want to increase your head size but fair play mate. That’s why you’re different, not in it for yourself and like to see others smash it together Tel D

Thanks to no1tipster and the community of members for all their hints and tips, I’ve never had a month like this before. What an amazing January Danny

Stop your Betting Account being Limited

Stop your Betting Account being Limited

We're on a winning streak and then suddenly we get told we're limited. Its happened frequently here at N1T and it is very frustrating. With that being said, there are a few ways to avoid this happening to you when you're winning. So we'll discuss those options below....

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What to look out for as a Professional Gambler

What to look out for as a Professional Gambler

As you become more experienced with betting and are making more than you lose you are faced with an uphill battle as it becomes harder and harder to get your bets accepted. We all know bookmakers are out to make a profit and to keep a profit that sometimes means...

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Stay Sensible – Gambling

Stay Sensible – Gambling

Even with the best Tipsters on your side, you're still bound to incur losses at some stage. That's why you need to keep your gambling sensible. Nothing is a guaranteed winner even if someone claims it to be, that is why you need to give more thought to the entire...

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